For those who are interested, here's a little bit about me. I've been a graphic designer for going on twenty years. I really love the challenges of taking information and visuals and trying to make them as clear, easily understandable and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

After getting my BFA in Graphic Design (with an emphasis in typography), I have worked both in-house and freelance with many corporate, retail, legal and marketing/promotional clients... as well as countless small businesses in a variety of industries. I really enjoy illustration and photography, and constantly have cameras on hand for daily picture-snapping. I have a strong background in printed work, with all the setup knowledge needed to output quality work -- as well as solid connections with the necessary printers and silkscreeners to get the job done right (at a good price). I also specialize in doing website design/graphics and helping with social media marketing efforts (Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc).

In addition to having a solid understanding of graphics software, I have been known to wrangle some beautiful formatting out of Word documents, as well as solid experience working with Excel and FileMaker Pro. I'm also quite a Mac/iPhone geek and am usually the go-to-gal when folks I know need help.

In my personal life, I really enjoy crafting (too many mediums/projects to name here), researching San Francisco history and working on my #1 life goal: perfecting a ruthless topspin forehand.  :)

Thanks for visiting my website. Feel free to click around on my various samples here -- and let me know if you'd like to discuss any projects of your own!